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Owning an Antique Slot
It's an investment-quality antique

You can own and enjoy it and even pass it on to future generations

It's better than anything you'll find in a modern casino
    Yes, an investment-quality antique.  This things have certified value.  They are serious
antiques inside and out.  They have immense historical significance and also look great in the
home.  Their select cut wood cabinets and artistic castings have been considered by many of
our customers nationwide to have the same appeal as a rare painting or a piece of Louis XVI

Another great aspect is that can own and enjoy it right in your home.  It's there everyday, and it
makes a fabulous conversation piece when neighbors and friends visit.  Anyone who comes
into your home will be instantly impressed by something that they had previously only seen in
a James Cagney movie.  We have actually been hearing feedback for several years now that
antique slot machines are going to be the new most popular heirloom.

It's exponentially better than anything you'll find in a modern casino.  Not only are modern
slots made of very cheap materials, but from an artistic standpoint they are total failures.  And
no matter how much of your own, hard-earned money you put into one, your ownership of it
will still be exactly 0%.  Not a very good deal compared with having your own
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